Hi friends ,today i am going to discuss about dreams and when its comes to reality and you must read this article completely because it’s an informational as well as useful article to who are ready to achieve something in life

"Follow Your Dreams"

First i am going to discuss about dream :

‘Dreams not that you get in sleep its a things which is not let you to sleep ‘ those are all real dreams and if are willing to achieve some thing  in life you need to put some more effort to reach or accomplish or to get success

Success is not only with any one but its with all ,god distributed equal memory power which you need to use it in productive way and first , for  knowing your self productivity or capability ,you need to know about self assessment first because its helpful to you always and you will get 100% success in life and you not lose hopes anytime.

Dangerous and horror dreams why its comes during sleep ,do you know why?



If you are think too much on anything or anyone your mind get collect all  memory in that during day tonight what you did,

When your head hits the pillow, for many it’s lights out for the conscious part of you. But the cells firing in your brain are very much awake, sparking enough energy to produce the sometimes vivid and sometimes downright haunted dreams that take place during the rapid-eye-movement stage of your sleep.

this decease called as Parkinson’s disease and dementia,As if nightmares weren’t bad enough, causes people to act out their dreams, sometimes with violent thrashed, kicks and screams. Such violent dreams may be an early sign of brain disorders down the line.


Dreams comes true when you choose right path:


Dreams can be achievable by when you choose right path or way of you life after doing 10th standard all parents and students are get confusing in choosing course ,and more than 80%parents will  force  their children to choose science and 15% Suggest commerce and arts but only 5% parents only leave children to choose their own.

And if you are having or develop that ability in you that self-analysis in you previously i said like you become independent and you have confident also as well as you not have fear also according to your capability please choose course don’t get courses or join courses on others influence or else by seeing others its no use you only lose opportunities and put back step and please think once before choosing course.

Then if  you join to your interested course and then you need to make hard work on it and choose respective degrees and work on every achievers can achieve their own interest not pushed by any one think once

eg:Sania mirza having passion about tennis, she achieved  it and got good name to the country .

eg:vishwanath  anand having passion and worked on chess now he also achieved

so don’t think about too much on others ,society people think and do what you feel right thing because no one come to at the end , you need to survive for your self so think once what i said.

     “Lets begin good and happy life with achievement of your goals”


Do you have a dream then go and work on it and try to achieve it and move ahead leave rest of all useless things!








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