Love life to live

Writer introduction:

I am Pavan  Jinkal author ,writer ,blogger and Digital marketer ,Dreamer, Positive thinker and Social worker,Trainer.

Education qualification and certifications:

Bcom, Mba, certified writer,and (Google adwards certification)

             “Dedicated to my parents and  my friends and society”


Today i am going to discuss about the value of life, and how you want to live your life and these are all things happening in the society which you need to avoid

Coming to life ,life is given by god which is not our own and and which god given for living life in the good way and having certain comfort level in the life ,and life is not an easy task always ,which is having certain problems ,challenges but facing them all with our courage is only thing which we have in our hand but ,when you tried for some achievement it gives you pain but the result is sweet like honey and before getting success. but don’t quit from the life ,you only loose the precious things and upcoming good memories in life .

And at anytime or any reason don’t loose hopes on life because if you get failure at your success but all time you not get failure one or other time you will get success in your life you may get failure in temporary achievements but always think there is some thing permanent achievement  or success is awaiting for you .

coming Students now a days students are taking such a dangerous decisions when they are in  depression because they are not scored well in exams or else they are flunked in exams and they are made partiality by their school teachers and parents. and what i am going to say is every student is not having ability to grab the things at the single time some students may fast and some may learn slowly but parents and teachers must think once if you give pressure to students what is the bad effect may happen to student ultimately student may fail to handle the situations and committed suicide.and now a days committing suicide is common thing in age group b/w 12-18 so parents should think about it once before putting pressure to your children ,if you did the same you only one of the reason for death of your children Indirectly , In stood of blaming and scolding your children try to give some valuable inputs to your children for learning and try to analyse your children leaning level and make them to learn self by encouraging them .


Loosing the life or committing the suicide is only the final solution!

Yes some one who is having weak mind they only take these type of decisions and they can easily commit suicide they won’t think once about their family are surrounding they commit suicide but i am say them suicide is not only the final thing in life,,, loosing life is very easy but getting life and reborn in the same human life is difficult  and you must think about your parents efforts what they had hope on you and don’t spoil their dreams by taking this type of decisions….here the mistake is not only one side its having in the both the side parents as well as students .parents should not force them take or choose the courses and the main thing is don’t force them to read and write always and main thing is don’t compare with other students.



If you are become stress try to share your feeling and sorrows with your mother it is the good thing for getting solution for living and overcoming from the problem and the beauty of life is more than what you imagined,and if you are felt guilty or depressed don’t take decisions its only hurt you more at that time listen some melody musics,games or meditation its only the solutions and don’t think too much on your problem because sometime you get solutions some time get bad self opinions.

Love life to live don’t hate life for any reasons and if are having good opinion about your life you get 101% success in life.



Good luck to all for you life

Anyone have doubts or for suggessions

















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